The Ultimate Banner Ad Swipe File

Swipe Over 37 Conversion Focused Ad Designs Taken Straight From The "Gurus" Playbooks

  • Use For Facebook, Retargeting, Or Display Advertising
  • Create dozens of converting designs in minutes
  • Professional Quality Designs Without A Designer
  • Convert Or Your Money Back
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Why Every Marketer Can Use BannerSwipes In Their Toolkit

Advertise With Greater Effectiveness And Confidence

Why waste valuable time and resources shooting around in the dark.

We scraped hundreds of different ads, "spied" on what other top marketers are using, and pinpointed what types of ad designs are working RIGHT NOW.

Leverage our eye catching "pre-researched" ad designs and boost your advertising efforts overnight!

Save A Ton Of Time And Money

Ad creation is time consuming --- for yourself or for clients.

Research. Design. Revisions. Not to mention the various size variations you need to make.

And the worst part: in the back of your mind, you're not even sure if the designs will even work.

Don't test blindly. Advertise in the right direction when you use our pre-researched designs.

Leverage Other People's Work, Testing, And Mistakes

Each template is modeled off recent ad designs that have been tested to be working in the current state of the market.

Take advantage of months of time, money, and work we put in to find these winning designs and use them for your business today.

Earn Greater ROI on Your Adspend

Get more out of each dollar you spend on ads.

Feel confident knowing that each dollar you invest will help you generate noticeably more attention, click throughs, and conversions than you would blindly testing.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

More traffic means more business. Drive more click throughs and traffic to your website/offers with our conversion focused designs.

Dozens Of Ad Creatives With Little To No Design Skills

Each PSD template is well layered and contains different functionality/smart actions to let you quickly customize the design to your needs.

For example, one template lets you instantly turn your images black and white. Another automatically resizes it into an Iphone graphic.

The effects are different for each one, but the end result is the same: EASY editing. 


Over 37 Ad Templates To Choose From

Select from over 22 Display templates and 15 Facebook templates for a massive head start in your ad campaigns.

Naturally, we won't showcase every design here since we've put in a lot of research to find them. But rest assured, each template was designed for universal use. You'll be able to customize each one to fit your niche.

Since Facebook Ads are heavily photo based, we also compiled an large selection of free stock photos for you to use with your Facebook templates.

Use the designs “right out of the box” by simply inserting your copy OR mix and match elements to create your own unique designs. Get your ads to market faster than ever before.

Hundreds Of Dollars Of Research, Testing, And Design For Pennies On The Dollar

We invested several hundred dollars on scraping tools that would allow us to scour the internet for the longest running and most clicked ads.

We also spent several hundred more testing different designs ourselves. Our network of marketer friends also tested out the designs.

Only when we were 100% sure that these designs were the real deal, did we send the collection to our designer to get them made into ready-to-use psd templates.

So altogether this complete banner ad pack is easily worth $1500 in raw cost value, giving each ad design a raw value of $40/design. And thats on a VERY conservative scale.

That's actually a pretty sweet deal, considering you'd easily spend just as much, or more, to get a new set of banners made by a professional designer, after revisions are said and done.

But since this is the first Bannerswipes Pack we've released, we wanted to do something special...

Special "Beta Test" Offer

For this FIRST initial Bannerswipes pack, we want to offer you all 37 designs (108 templates) for just 27 dollars.

Thats right --- You'll get each professionally made, hand curated ad design for just $0.72 a pop! That's 0.25 per template!

Now this might seem crazy, even insulting to the amount of work we put in.

But since it is a new product, our main goal is to generate customer feedback to make it even BETTER.

Look, at such a low price, you’ll easily recoup your cost this week if you want --- just on the savings on your ad spend alone!

You just need to make one additional sale or one measly commission to make back this investment. (Something that will be much easier once you start getting more traffic to your offers from using these ad templates.)

And what about the opportunity cost of your time you’ll be saving designing ads yourself. How much is that worth? I’m willing to bet it’s more than $27.

Remember, this price is ONLY for this FIRST Bannerswipes Pack. We'll be selling future packs at a price much closer to its actual value. Don’t wait on this. You deserve it.


You'll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses

101 Banner Copy Swipes

We've compiled a huge copy swipe file of 101 high converting ad copy swipes (headlines, sub headlines, and call to action)... a multitude of different niches (fitness, weightloss, IM, mlm, software, and so on).

Use this list as inspiration for your own copy and hook ideas.

Banner Creation Secrets

A step-by-step banner reference guide for creating high converting ads on command.

You’ll learn what the most important element in ad creation is, your customer psychology, the banner ad landscape, the difference between facebook and display ads, and more.

You’ll walk away with an expert understanding of what to keep in mind when customizing our templates or creating your own in the future.

Essential Graphics Pack

Grab this Essential Graphics Pack with 4 additional pre-made graphic templates for your website needs.

Useful for any niche. Promote your products. Use for your optin. Add them to your Sidebar or popup. Its entirely up to you.

60 Day 'Convert Or Die' Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that our designs will work for you, that we guarantee it. Give these designs a test run for 60 days. If you aren’t completely blown away by the results, simply request it, and we’ll refund every cent you paid. No questions asked. PLUS, we’ll let you keep the designs just for giving it an honest try.

Only 100 Copies Available

In order to maintain the highest effectiveness of these 'out of the box' designs, we’re only going to offer 100 copies of this initial pack.

This way the number of individuals using this swipe file is kept to a small group of savvy marketers, yet we still get a large enough market sample to get the feedback we need.

On that note, we would ask you to not share these designs with other people for two reasons 1) to keep this competitive edge to yourself and 2) out of respect for the many, many hours and dollars we spent researching, compiling, testing, designing and then packaging these graphic files for you.

We know some people will do so in spite of these two reasons but we believe that most people are good people at heart and will respect this request and keep the designs to themselves.

So remember, this initial pack will only be offered to the first 100 people. After that, we're closing the cart.

Let’s Recap

  • 37 Unique Ad Designs (108 Templates In Total) ($1500+)
  • 101 Banner Copy Swipes ($27)
  • Banner Creation Secrets ($47)
  • Essential Graphics Pack ($27)

You Pay: $97 47

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconAre these banners designed for a specific niche?

    Yes and No.

    Yes, the designs were based off of ads from various niches, including health/fitness, dating/seduction, internet marketing, software, and so on. No because we redesigned the templates to be for general use. Simply tweak the designs/add your own photos and you’ll have an ad for your niche in minutes.

    On a side note, talk to any experienced marketer and they’ll tell you that some of their biggest breakthrough campaigns were inspired by marketing in OTHER unrelated niches. What works in one niche, may very well be transferred to your niche with great success. Try it out.

  • q-icon Will Your Ads work 100% of the time?

    Given the nature of advertising, we can’t truthfully guarantee that our ads will work 100% of the time. There are simply way too many moving factors (many of which are outside your control) that could play a part in whether or not your ad converts. It may be the offer you’re promoting, the copy you’re using, or even the lighting on your prospects computer! The design of the ad is just one factor of success, but since it is a key component, getting it right can have a huge impact on your conversions. Fact is, there are certain key factors to keep in mind when designing your ad that can give you the best chances of success. Using a systematic approach, we’ve identified these factors and used them in all of our designs. Regardless, you can feel good testing them out with our 60 day money back guarantee.

  • q-iconHow Will My Ad Pack Get Delivered To Me?

    After you purchase your ad pack, you’ll immediately directed to a new user registration page, where you will be prompted to create a new user account. After successful registration, you’ll be automatically directed to the members area where you can access all your ads + bonuses.

  • q-iconHow Does The Guarantee Work? Any Fine Print?

    The guarantee is simple. Test these ads out for a full 60 days. If they don’t work to your expectations, simply send a request to Clickbank support, and we’ll refund every cent you paid. No fine print whatsoever. We want to follow through on our products 100% and if they aren’t everything we say they are (and MORE), then we don’t feel right keeping your money.

  • q-iconI'm not a designer. How will I edit these designs?

    No need to be a designer. We’ve already done the bulk of the work. You simply need to insert your copy, add your custom pictures and you’re good to go.

    We include step by step editing instructions for each design, so you won’t have any issue editing the templates.

    Please note: Photoshop is required to edit these templates.

  • q-iconWhy aren't there any pictures of the ads on this page?

    We did a lot of conversion research to create these ad designs so we want to keep them private for customers only. We know that this may feel like you’re “buying in the dark”, but its a necessary precaution with a product like this. However, with our 60 day money back guarantee, there’s no risk in trying it out either.

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